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Do you find yourself looking for things you know you have somewhere, but just can’t find? Do you often wish you had a simpler, easier but rewarding life? Do you have the desire to organize your home and your life, but you don’t know where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed by your stuff, bills, responsibilities, not to mention your missing dreams and desires, and would love some help making sense of it all?


That’s when you need a caring and experienced guide to help you renew your life. You can’t expect to rethink and redesign your home and your life – all by yourself – in addition to your regular responsibilities. It’s just too much! But we can help.

LIGHTEN MY LIFE helps people declutter their homes after major life changes, such as a move or divorce or empty nest. We can help you rethink your current space and redesign it to meet your changing needs or tastes. Or perhaps you want to get your place ready for the holidays – we can help you focus on what’s most important to make your home shine. Or if you are simply tired of disorganized messes in your home and want more room to breathe, we can help you make change happen beautifully.


In addition to decluttering physical spaces, we can help you rethink your finances, your health and fitness, your career – whatever isn’t working for your life. All types of clutter stem from the same core struggles with stagnation and indecision. In any area of your life, we can help you discover your personal life vision. Together we can clear away the clutter and distractions between you and your dreams, to get you living the beautiful life you want. For you.


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